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FS MDVC P Mazinga 82201 <kuid:296213:82201>
FS MDVC P Mazinga 82202 <kuid:296213:82202>
FS MDVC P Mazinga 82203 <kuid:296213:82203>
FS MDVC P Mazinga 82205 <kuid:296213:82205>
FS MDVC P Mazinga 82207 <kuid:296213:82207>
FS MDVC P Mazinga 82208 <kuid:296213:82208>
Cabina Semipilota MDVC <kuid:296213:22129>
C20 A-B Cab <kuid2:171003:5:14>
C20 M DummyCab <kuid2:171003:6:14>
FS fischio MDVC <kuid:296213:23127>
MDVE-bogey <kuid:296213:23101>
Motore standard pilota 160 2010-12 <kuid:69593:510021>

Thanks to: David Pearson for the script and the C20 objects. Carlo Lagomarsino for the enginespec. Tinotos for testing.

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Versione Version 1.0
Data Date 5-11-11

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